RUCAL faculty and students are currently collaborating on the following projects:

  • Responding with “I know” in English conversation
    • Student investigators (alphabetical): Alexa Bolaños, Stephen DiDomenico, Darcey Searles, Wan Wei
    • Faculty investigators (alphabetical): Beth Angell, Galina Bolden, Jenny Mandelbaum, Lisa Mikesell, Jeffrey Robinson, Tanya Romaniuk
  • Co-remembering activities in English and Russian conversation
    • Investigators: Galina Bolden, Jenny Mandelbaum, and undergraduate Aresty students
  • Doing being family – Enacting and constructing “family” through interaction
    • Investigators: Jenny Mandelbaum, Stephen DiDomenico, Darcey Searles, Wan Wei, and undergraduate Aresty students
  • Interactions between people suffering from severe mental illnesses and their medical and social service providers
    • Investigators: Beth Angell and Galina Bolden


Aresty students Esti Mellul and Betsy Chao, working with Jenny Mandelbaum, Darcey Searles and Wan Wei, present their poster “Doing being family”


Aresty students Eleonora Zaitseva and Ziyodakhon Abdujabborova, working with Galina Bolden, present their poster “Co-remembering activities in Russian conversation”