Rutgers Speaker Series 2021

Rutgers’ Conversation Analysis Faculty are organizing a new speaker series for academics interested in conversation analytic (CA) methods.

We are delighted to announce that our inaugural speaker will be Professor Steven Clayman.

This virtual event will take place on May 7, 1:00-2.30pm Eastern time



Asking About Bias: Addressing the Sensitivities of Voir Dire Questioning



Jury selection in the U.S. includes a process, known as voir dire, in which prospective jurors are interviewed by judges and attorneys to assess their suitability for jury service and to uncover possible sources of bias.  Because sociocultural values strongly favor fairness over bias, admitting to bias and even asking about it can be a sensitive matter.  In this study we combine sequential and distributional analyses to provide an initial investigation of the interactional mechanics of voir dire.  Focusing primarily on fairness/bias questions, we identify a number of tendencies and preferences in question design that enable the pursuit of bias admissions while at the same time mitigating or detoxifying such queries.   We also explore how such question design forms are sensitive to prior disclosures by jurors, and how they evolve across expanded sequences.


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