The clip ‘The Schedule’ contains all of the conventions covered in Chapters 2 and 3:


Chapter 2

uncertain hearing              (word)
unrecoverable speech           (       )
two possible hearings          (word1/word2)

Chapter 3

Silence measured in seconds   (0.8)
Micropause                    (.)
overlap onset                 [
overlap offset                ]
latching                      =
Speeded up talk               ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols: >We mustn’t forget ◦that.<=
Slowed down talk               <seven thirdy.>
Stretched sounds              colons - of the whole word: ‘No::’ or a specific sound in the word: ‘N::o’
Cut-off sounds                A hyphen after a word or part of a word: bla-
Jump start                    the ‘less than’ symbol by itself: <He’s

The clip is from a video called Tiwa2. We are six seconds into that video. Glen, Helen (left) and Sybil (center) are housemates sitting together around a table. Helen and Sybil are working on their schedules together.  Transcribe the clip using the above symbols and lay out using the conventions introduced in Chapter 2.