Answer to Pitch Exercise

Answer key to Question A

07 Col:       [hEn right now I don’t know (0.2) ↑anything ↓about
08        the god damn Watergate. Na[h-
09 Hun:                             [↓Yah[:.
10 Col:                                  [.p.hhhhh supposing Teddy
11        Kennedy holds iz hearings.=en I get called up
12        there.=We↑:ll? [(.hhhh.t.hhhh)]↓Uh::b. mhhh ah- I ca:n’t (.)
13                       [__(1.1)______ ]
14 Col:   refuse tuh answer en I ↑woul↓dn’t.=I’d answer thid uh
15        I jis’ don’ ↑↑know ↓I ed °↑↑no° i↓dea what happened.=
16 Hun:   =Ya:h.
17        (0.3)
18 Hun:   Mm h[m
19 Col:       [.pt En I don’t.