Exercise 1: Tickets

Discussion of the video clip “Tickets”

Watch the video clip titled “Tickets”. Here is the transcription of this clip, with visible behaviors represented via transcriber comments (as shown in the book chapter):

Video for Tickets

1a Tickets – Transcriber Comments
((Al is sitting at the desk,working. Bob is standing a few feet away, 
picking up papers to bring to his office))

01 Al:   [I tried yesterday: the who:le day, (.) 
         [((A turns to look at B; B looks at A))
02       to get tickets for the Van[Gogh]
03 Bob:                            [heh ]heh 
04       .h[heh
05 Al:     [º(exhibition)º 
06         [(0.8) 
           [((A turns back towards his desk))

Compare this transcript with the one that uses Goodwin’s conventions for representing eye gaze:

1b Tickets – Goodwin’s conventions

02 Al:    ______________________________________
          to get tickets for the Van[Gogh.] 
   Bob:   ______________________________________
03                                  [heh  ] heh 
04 A:       [º(exhibition)º (- -) 
   A:          _____,,,,
   B:          _____________ 

05 A:
          I am getting cra:zy.
   B:     ___________________
06       (----------+---------+---------+--------) 
   B:      _,,            .X_,

What seem to be the advantages of this representation? What is obscured in this transcript that was obvious in the first one? How might these transcripts be improved? Now examine the same piece of data as it is represented with Rossano’s conventions

1c Tickets- Rossano's Conventions

Compare the transcript that uses Goodwin’s conventions with the one that uses Rossano’s conventions. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the two representations? How do they compare to 1a?