Exercise 2: Pen Pass

Watch the video clip titled “Pen pass.” Pay particular attention at how Ava (center) acquires a pen from Jack (right). Here is the transcript of the vocal conduct:

Video for Pen Pass

Pen Pass (Henessa 0:00) 
Zoe (left) Ava (center) and Jack (right) are sitting round a table. 

01 Zoe:     (°Kay) 
02          (0.2) 
03 Ava:     ºI’(m unna)/(‘ll) need a pe:n.º 
04          (0.8) 
05 Zoe:     Ye[ah:.     ] 
06 Ava:       [>I’ve ↑li]ke< (.) a mill:ion pens at home¿ 
07          An I just <never use> them for anything eve:r¿ 
08 Ava:     For no r[eason.] 
09 Zoe:             [ You  ] don’t wri:te? 
10          (0.3) 
11 Zoe:     At a:ll? 
12          (0.4) 
13 Ava:     I use very specific pe:ns.


Question A

Use transcriber comments to represent visible behaviors involved in the passing of the pen. What do transcriber comments highlight? What still remains obscured?


Question B

Use Mondada’s transcription system to represent visible actions involved in the passing of the pen.

Compare the two transcripts you have produced. What does Mondada’s transcription system highlight? What seem to be the advantages of this representation? What is obscured in this transcript that was obvious when you used transcription comments?


Question C

Use frame grabs to capture the passing of the pen. You can supplement the transcript with transcriber comments for this. Alternatively, you can use the transcript that uses Mondada’s conventions.

What does the transcript with frame grabs reveal about the interaction that was not evident before?