Exercise: Rapper

Below is a transcript of the video clip “Rapper” (see the video link below).

For this exercise, translate this transcript into a language you work with to present it to an audience that does not speak English. Use a three-line representation, where the first line is the original talk, the second line a morpheme-by-morpheme translation of English into the other language, and the third line an idiomatic translation into the other language.

What issues have you encountered in doing this exercise? What decisions have you had to make and how would these decisions influence your analysis of this interaction and its understanding by your audience? You may want to consider issues of word order, overlapping talk, other aspects of grammar, prosody, and cultural knowledge.

Rapper Clip

Rapper[GB Bodies10 MH_3girls_Part116:10]
Left to right: Briana (at the computer), Lydia and Ashley (lounging on the bed). 
They are talking about a TV Show